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  • 12-roller super calender

    12-roller super calender machine is made for paper production grooming equipment. It belongs to soft grooming machine, suitable for affset paper, newspaper, coated paper, capacitor paper, translucent paper, bag paper, culture paper.
    Super calender machine use muti-goup of smooth rollers to calender the paper, when paper goes through the paper roller and steel roller press area, after the paper roller, the deformation zone can reach different rotation speed and sliding friction. Under mechanical pressure and heat power, the paper will become more smooth, gloss, dense, flat, gaining more transparency, prevent and reduce power slip, hair slip. Improves quality and appearance.
    Product advantages:1. Chilled cast iron roller use side drilling or sleeve heating structure, combine with advanced heat control technology, makes heating average.
    2, The main roller can choose partition controllable crown roller or stepless pressure roller technology, so that line pressure of super calender can be adjusted online.
    3. Equipped with quick release roller and soft landing device, effectively protect the paper roller from damage.
    4. Equipped by tension control system, it detects the smooth, gloss and thickness on line.
    5. Adapt axle paper rolling, hydraulic adjustable roller riding technology.
    6. Working speed adjust smoothly and precisely.

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