Through the combination of mirror roller and controllable middle-high nylon roller, by adjusting the pressure of hydraulic valve block, making two rollers in a close bonding state so that linear pressure will be uniform. Additionally, according to the fabric production needs, the linear pressure of the local can be separately increase or decrease to improve the poor pretreatment phenomenon. After calendering, the products can achieve much better effect of thickness, gloss, smoothness, softness than ordinary calendering. At the same time, this equipment can beproduced under different tonnage pressure, and always keep the entire nip linear pressure uniform. Mainly used in cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, blended, non-woven, paper and other calendering finishing.Product advantages:1、Nominal width: 1800-3400mm
    2、Working speed: 20-70m / min
    3、Design pressure: 60-100T

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