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    BRW industrial roller can be used as oiling roller, tension roller, pinch roller and measuring roller. It consists of a core and a high strength nonwoven fabric.

    Product advantages:1. Rather high friction coefficient (0.52 in dry state, 0.3 in oil state), even in the case of oil, the friction coefficient is also 40 times higher than the normal rubber roller;
    2.Since squeeze oil roller won’t have the scuffing of the coiled material caused by slipping like rubber roller or steel roller, this feature can be applied to the tension roller to provide more tensioning force.
    3. Applicable to PH2-10 production environment;
    4.Accurately control oiling effect (ie oil film thickness value) and excellent squeeze effect;
    5. Unclean material like debrics is not easy to attach to the surface of coiled material, but into the non-woven structure. With its non-marking characteristic, the coil surface will not produce any scratches and pollution. ;
    6. Under a certain temperature, humidity and pressure, the cut parts have self-healing effect.
    7. It can replace a variety of other traditional rollers such as rubber roller, catalytic amino acid ester resin roll, polyurethane roll, rayon roll, steel roll, copper steel roll, alloy steel roller, hardened steel roller, etc. , which can help enterprise reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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