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  • Partition controllable middile-high calender middle-high soft calender

    The controllable middle-high soft calender can be divided into double-nip controllable middle-high soft calender and single nip controllable middle-high soft calender.
    Advantage of Partition controllable middle- high soft calender: it can suit different paper, different weight of paper. Adjust the middle-high pressure value to meet high end paper quality requirement.
    Application Characteristics of Controlled Medium and High Soft Calendering Machine.
    Product advantages:1. Good adaptation of paper, suitable for most of paper or paperboard.
    2. It can reach high smoothness, gloss, opaqueness. Same smoothness printing performance good.
    3. Tightness consistent, ink sucking uniform, clear image.
    4. Paper loose depth, strength, deflection good, improve paper’s dual character.
    5. Reduce hair slip, powder slip, and filling in phenomenon.
    6. Less break under high moisture, no black spot.
    7. Suitable for modify and improve the working condition of paper machine.
    8. Easy to operate, can be used online, avoid second hand process, reduce production costs, reduce stop-time and paper waste.

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