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  • Singeing Calender Machine Instruction

    This product is a singeing calender joint production line, the line can be for non-woven singeing, hot calender, laminating processing of three craft. With wide applicability, this production line can be used in industrial filter cloth, geotextile, non-woven filter felt material such as singeing calender finishing.
    Process route: non-woven fabric through the singeing machine crate, its redundant fiber non-woven fabric surface villus clean buring, the storage rack and adjust the tension control system, sent to the hot calender machine, under the action of temperature and pressure, make non-woven fabric surface to achieve the effect of smooth, flat and can improve the permeability of non-woven materials and strong toughness, meet the requirements of high-end industrial filters. We can also meet cusomer’s needs to increase the non-woven surface coated or multi-layer composite processing technology, which make the processing after the use of non-woven materials suitable for different occasions.

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