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  • Single pressure type

    Stepless pressure regualtion S-Roll calender has the following characteristics:
    • Utilize the stepless pressure regulation S-Roll, achieve the uniform line pressure by adjusting the oil pressure in the two semi-circular chambers.
    • The elastic roller sleeve coated on the stepless pressure regulation S-Roll roller can better recover the deformation of the roller.
    • The S-Roll roller is controlled by hydraulic system.
    • The S-Roll roller is auxiliary driven by oil motor.
    • HMI ( Whole machine monitoring, Process parameter settings, Seam detection animated display, Hydraulic system pressure display, Fault diagnosis, Alarm information)
    • Roller sleeve change is quick and easy, no need to have a large-scale demolition the sofy roller sleeve made of synthetic material cam be exchanged from the side pipe rack of the calender, to minimize the downtime. The sleeve can be selected in calendering process ( such as calendering, electro-optical, embossing, soft calendering and silk finishing).

    Product advantages:
    1.Nominal width: 1800-3600mm
    2.Working speed: 20-70m / min
    3.Design pressure: 60-100T

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