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  • Three – roll hot calender

    It is suitable for calendering finishing of non-woven materials such as polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, breathable layer cloth, aramid filter felt and polyester needle felt, which can change the material’s thickness, air permeability, density, roughness performance and etc. to meet customers’ different requirements of non-woven materials.
    Process route: Under the influence of temperature and pressure, the non-woven fabric through three hot rolling rollers with high strength, obdurability and heat resistance to make it smooth, flat. Non-woven fabcs by the device over rolling, you can get twice the ordinary equipment rolling effect, can save equipment cost.
    Mainly used in: clothing non-woven, household adornment non-woven, medical and health non-woven, filter material, disposable personal care non-woven, automotive ono-woven, packaging agricultural non-woven industry, etc.

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